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Everest Base Camp

It's been a while since I've updated this blog. In fact i believe it's been really more than a while :-P

Well, it was a wonderful and lifetime experience to see the Khumbu Glacier and Mount Everest in Nepal. It was tough and the weather was unforgiving when we were there.

All 22 of us not including our Sherpa and guide (and a few Yak's) rallied across small Lukhla town on our way to Everest Base Camp (EBC) and made it to the Base Camp. Some of us did not make it due to altitude sickness. It took approximately 1 week to reach the Base Camp after hiking along Phakding, Namchee Bazaar, Syangboche, Tengboche, Periche and Gorak Sheep.

I'll post the pictures with short story and maybe if time permits will upload the log of travel. Enjoy..

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Saturday, May 28, 2011
Mt. Kinabalu

Mt Kinabalu

On March 4th, 2011, we stood on its summit. What a wonderful feeling summiting Mt Kinabalu for the 2nd time.

10 of us went up to Mt Kinabalu via Mesilau route and came down via Timpohon route. Mesilau route s a bit further than Timpohon but it comes with better view and magnificent landscape.

If i had it my way, i wouldn't mind climbing it every year.. but let us finish up G12 first :-)

Upon arrival @ Kinabalu Park
We registered and kept items that are not used for climbing here
We went to Mesilau Nature Resort after finishing all documentation process

Rain greeted us upon arrival @ Mesilau Nature Resort

Our dorm @ Mesilau Nature Resort

Dinner that night

One for the album!

The next morning @ starting point
Where we met our self-centered/annoying/de-motivator/irresponsible guide HALI NASIM & FRANCIS
Remember the above names : Never ever ever take them as ur guide!
Avoid HALI NASIM at any cost!!
Both of them were busy occupied accompanying a chick from another other group and left our group behind on the summit attempt day

Shaz trying the porter's weighing scale

Pot and Suraya

@ one of the resting point

and the stairs go up.. up.. up...

Part where the trek was still interesting.. Not yet steep

Beautiful landscape

@ one of the shelter (Pondok Lompoyou)
We had our packed lunch here

Ita n Ameer

After the lunch break, we came to the junction where Mesilau trek meets the Timpohon trek and we had to climb this, phew..

After some time, we arrived @ Laban Rata

Inside Laban Rata restaurant

Yes. It is all hers.. ha ha ha

Sunset @ Laban Rata

The view facing timpohon trek
On the left side of the photo is the volleyball court

Climbing up to the summit early morning

Frost & Ita @ Summit of Mount Kinabalu

Pakli & Shaz @ Summit of Mount Kinabalu

The view @ Kinabalu

The view @ Kinabalu


Yes... it is that steep

Do not Run???
We can barely walk

Another steep descend

The view @ Kinabalu

The trek up can be seen in this picture

Flowers @ Mt Kinabalu

and i thought my backpack was heavy
Curious - we asked how much does it weight, the answer - 70kg!!
Solute to you mate..

All of us @ end of the trek

Having our lunch upon reaching Kinabalu Park
From left : M'sud, Ayami, Pakli and Hidzuan

Suraya n Pot

Before exiting Kinabalu Park

Us @ Kota Kinabalu Jetty

Went and had our dinner at KK famous eatery by the sea

We flew home the next day. Till the next adventure guys...

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Friday, October 01, 2010

Mt Kinabalu

It has been a while since we scaled this mountain. The steep climb, chilling wind, cool weather and then the magnificent view comes together as an unforgettable experience.  

At 13,535 ft or 4,095 meters (Low's Peak) it is the highest mountain in Malaysia and the highest peak in South East Asia. Situated in Crocker Range, it has a few other peaks such as Alexandra Peak (4,003 m), St John's Peak (4,092 m), Victoria Peak (4,088 m), Ugly Sister Peak (4,032 m), Donkey Ears (4,054 m) and South Peak (3,933 m).

Normally hikers will head to Low's Peak while passing some of the other peaks. We plan to do the same :-) Last time we went there, we climbed via Timpohon trail.

It would be a challenge to tackle its trek via legendary Mesilau route. It is longer by 2 km than the Timpohon trail. That would mean extra training and extra trip to the gym.

So far, we have agreed to take no more than 10 climbers. And.. we will update any info about this climb in this blog, so care to take a peek.

Meanwhile, grab that water bottle and head to the gym guys. We need to "upgrade" those outdated tight and legs.


01 Oct 2010
~ Booked the accommodation at Mesilau and Laban Rata
~ We need to pay the 50% booking fee latest on 7th Oct

07 Oct 2010
~ Payment for Mesilau & Laban Rata has been made
~ Waiting for conformation from the resort

12 Oct 2010
~ Phew... finally received e-mail confirming the accommodation booking
~ The climbing date has been set
~ We shall ascend the mountain on 3rd March 2011 via legendary Mesilau route

20 Dec 2010
~ Hear thee... hear thee...
~ In approximately 2 month, we will climb Mt Kinabalu
~ So, train that out of order legs and your lungs

~ We will plan our 1st training session on January 2011

30 Dec 2010
~ Anyone in mood for training?
~ Starting off with Waterfall Hike will be good for the muscles
~ Venue : Berkelah Waterfall
~ Date : Will be advised by 3rd January 2011

21 Jan 2011
~ Training Trip to Berkelah Waterfall on 2nd Feb - 4th Feb
~ But we will only start the trip late night on 2nd Feb @ 12 midnight
~ Anyone interested, let me know, its an open trip

07 Feb 2011
~ Trip to Berkelah Waterfall was successful
~ A bit wet on the 1st day but the sun was up and shining the next day
~ Our accommodation at Kota Kinabalu town on the last day has been booked
~ Still searching for best location for crashing on descend day
~ Transport is a bit scary, we don't want to take the cheapest and pay the price later

13 Feb 2011

~ 16 days to go...
~ For those who has already started training 3-4 months ago, now is the time to maintain the pace and don't push yourselves
~ For those who are still planning to start exercising, it would be good to only do slow jog and start praying he he

23 Feb 2011  : LATEST
~ 6 days to go..
~ We don't have any place to keep our "non climbing" items such as jeans, extra shirts etc; so, travel light and bring essential things only
~ Should we manage to find any place to keep extra items, we will keep you informed but still the advise is to travel light
~ Our trip is scheduled as below


2 March 2011 :
0800 : 1st group flight to KK
0935 : 2nd group flight to KK
1200 : Meet at KK Airport
1300 : Travel to Mesilau

1500 : Arrive at Mesilau & free and easy
 * Dinner provided

3 March 2011
0630 : Breakfast (provided) &
Get ready
0830 : Start climbing to Laban Rata
1230-1630 : Arrive @ Laban Rata
 * Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided
2000 : Mandatory sleep

4 March 2011
0005 : Wake up, take light snack and gear up
0100 : Mandatory Climbing time to the summit
0500-0530 : Arrive at Summit
0700 : Descend to Laban Rata
1030 : Arrive @ Laban Rata & pack up
1130 : Descend to Timpohon Gate
1600 : Arrive @ Timpohon Gate and proceed to Lodge
1700 - 2359 : Free and easy
* Dinner on own/NOT provided
** From here all meals are on own

5 March 2011
1100 : Travel back to Kota Kinabalu

1300 : Arrive @ Kota Kinabalu, check in to Lodge & free and easy
1800 : Dinner on own @ beside Philippiness Market

6 March 2011
0830 : To Kota Kinabalu Airport

1200 : Arrive @ LCCT 

What to Bring

1. Winter Jacket
2. Glove
3. Head cover (Snow Cap)

4. Sport/Hiking Shoe
5. Hiking shirt & Pants
6. Head lamp
7. Spare Battery for Head lamp
8. Disposable Rain Coat
9. Sleeping Stocking
10. Track Suit

Knee Guard
12. Water Bottle
13. High energy food eg. Power Bar
14. Headache tablets or altitude sickness tablets
15. Lip gloss
16. Deep heat lotion
17. Plasters
18. Camera
19. Extra socks
20. Towel
21. Money (we need to settle whats not included in the package such as Permit, Cert, Transport to n from KK, Guide, Hostel, Meals)

What NOT to Bring

1. Jeans
2. Jeans Jacket
3. Bulky bags/backpack
4. Excessive shirt/shorts
5. Bad Attitude :-P

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